The Moo Crew

Milk Plant Crew

The Milk Plant Crew is the team responsible for not only bottling the milk, but are also the ones who pasteurize the milk and make the famous, unique, and, indulgent chocolate syrup. 

Bottled daily

On average, the Milk Plant Crew bottles 1400 gallons of milk a day.

Superior Quality

Standing bars above the rest, Hickory Hill Milk retains its natural sweet, rich, creamy texture through low-pasturization.  

Reggie Padgett (2010- Present)

Reggie is known as the Chocolate Master at Hickory Hill Milk and takes immense pride in ensuring each and every batch of chocolate milk is perfect.  

Reggies favorite thing to do at at Hickory Hill Farm is making their famous chocolate milk.   

Jorge Esquivel (2012-Present)

Jorge is in the midst of the bottling operation and ensures the bottling processes goes smoothly and also keeps a keen eye on the filling system.  

Jorge's favorite thing to do at Hickory Hill Farm is to tend on the calves.  

Joel Black (2013- Present)

Joel sets the stage each day to ensure the bottling process gets going on the right foot and every label is perfectly situated on every container. Joel was also the President of South Carolina Jersey Association.  

Joel's favorite thing to do at Hickory Hill Farm is to work in the bottling plant.  

One bottle at a time...

From start to finish, each bottles receives the utmost care to ensure the highest quality.   

Jason Wise (November 2017- Present)

Jason is one of the newest additions to the crew, but still plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of the bottling process.  Jason makes sure the freshly bottled milk gets to its designated refrigerator and helps load milk on to the delivery truck each day.  

Since Jason is still new to the Dairy, he hasn't had a chance to find a favorite thing, but at the end of the day loves spending time with his family.  

Benjamin Holmes (2009- Present)

Benjamin is the Plant Manager and also the delivery truck driver.  Also known as the Milk man by many, Benjamin, is also an Ambassador for Hickory Hill Milk while out in town.  

Benjamin's favorite thing about his job is knowing with each delivery, he delivers wholesome, rich, and nutritious milk and a smile in every bottle.  

Dairy Crew

The Dairy Crew is not only responsible for milking the cows, but also tending and feeding the herd, maintaining the the grounds and its equipment, and raising the calves.   

Traditional methods meets modern technology

Each cow is milked twice a day, everyday. 

Sunshine, green grass, and healthy feed.

Along with a healthy and happy lifestyle, every cow is treated humanely and allowed to roam freely.  

Don Usry (1989-Present)

Don has been with the Hickory Hill Dairy farm the longest.  And with that, Don can easily say he has done it all, although, for now, he mainly focuses on the calves and the farm equipment 

Don along with Watson has played an immense role in the upraising and construction of over 90 percent of the buildings on the farm.

Hoover Martin (1992- Present)

Hoover is another one of the most senior members on the farm.  He is also known as a local legend in milking cows.  Hoover has been milking cows for well over 50 years and now lends his expertise and hands in creating the superior cream line Hickory Hills Farm is known for.

Hoover's favorite thing to do at Hickory Hill Farm is tending to the cows.  

Richard Santiago (2014- Present)

Richard could be recognized as nutritional specialist for the cows.  Amongst other things, Richard is responsible for feeding the cows and making sure their supplemental feed is nutrient packed to assure each cow is healthy and delivers nutrient rich milk.   

Richard's favorite thing to do on Hickory Hill Farm is to tend to the calves and herding up the cows.  

Two men, 16 cows at a time...

Each cow can deliver anywhere from five to seven gallons of milk per session.  

Willie Martin (June 2017- Present)

Willie is another newcomer to the scene, but works alongside with his brother in the milking parlor.  In similar fashion with his brother, his keen eye, attention to detail, and precise hands lend to the humane and sanitary milking process that ultimately becomes a top shelf diary product.

Willie's favorite thing to do at Hickory Hill Farm is knowning he can work alongside with his brother day in and day out.    

Jamie Pearson ( 2009- Present)

Jamie is the Marketing and AgriTourism Specialist has been on the team since the beginning and has brought her keen eye of the arts to the Hickory Hill Farm.  With a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of South Carolina (USC), 20+ years of experience, and her innate ability to teach, she finds herself at home at Hickory Hill Milk.  Moreover, her love and compassion for animals, educating others, and impeccable eye, make her an invaluable member of the Moo Crew.  

Jamie’s favorite thing to do at the farm is being our tour guide and schooling folks on milk. 

"It is possible to give freely and become more wealthy, but those who are stingy will lose everything "  - Proverbs 11:24