The Dorn Family

The third and fourth generation of the Dorn Family

(Left to Right) Courtney, Lisa, Daniel, and Watson Dorn.

Generation after Generation

With each generation, the farm grows and expands while keeping to its roots, traditions, and values.

With the heart of gold...

Our extended Family gets special care with nothing left to second guess.

Watson Dorn

Watson is the Owner and driving force behind Hickory Hill Milk.  His vision and determination are realized in his actions and the success of Hickory Hill Milk.  


Watson is an alumnus of Clemson University (Class of 84) where he studied agriculture and applies his studies directly into his farm and transformed it into a successful business.

Favorite Task

Watsons favorite thing to do on the farm is to feed his cows in the early morning with his daughter.  He can think of no better way to see a sunrise than with his little sunshine next to him.  

Lisa Dorn

Lisa also plays many roles, but her main part is that of the accountant and bookkeeping.  Lisa is also an alumnus of Clemson University (Class of 85). Her meticulous attention to detail plays a critical role in the financial accountability and success of Hickory Hill Milk.  

Daniel Dorn

Daniel is next in line to run Hickory Hill Milk. Therefore, it should go without saying he is involved with everyday operations from feedings and milking, to maintenance and bookkeeping.  Following is his family's footsteps, Daniel is also a recent graduate of Clemson University and also aims to directly apply his newfound knowledge to further progress Hickory Hill Milk and its heritage.   

Courtney Dorn

Courtney has the task of developing, marketing, and educating to all who care to know about Hickory Hill Milk and their processes and products.  Moreover, her unique perspective lends itself to how the company should advertise itself.

"A wise youth works hard all summer; a youth who sleeps away the hour of opportunity brings shame" - Proverbs 10:5