Taste the difference...

All Natural From Beginning to End

Whole Milk

Our Whole milk, is bars above the rest in every aspect.  From its rich creamy texture, to its sweet and delicate flavor.  We've been told our milk has turned naysayer's and none-drinkers into excited customers!

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk can be a hit or miss, we believe we've hit it out the park with ours.  Starting with our whole milk, we make our top secret, indulgent, and unforgettable syrup in house before every batch is bottled.  Once you've tried our our chocolate milk, we are sure you'll be coming back for more.


Keeping to traditional methods of creating buttermilk, we retain the highest level of natural probiotics.  Moreover, our buttermilk is highly sought after for its incredible baking properties and for tenderizing meats.

Clemson Blue Cheese

You read that right!  Our milk is used in the production of Clemsons Blue Cheese.  Made in small batches and aged for over 120 days, this artisanal blue cheese is sure to wow any cheese connoisseur. 

Blue Cheese Dressing

Looking for something more dip-able?  Clemson also uses our milk to make blue cheese dressing.  While others go for quantity, Clemson and Hickory Hill Milk have chosen quality above all else.  

Gourmet Ice Cream

We are proud to introduce the newest product in our lineup, Clemsons Best™ Gourmet Ice Cream.  Nothing was held back in the development of this top shelf ice cream.  All of our ingredients are locally sourced and is bears the "Certified SC" badge proudly.  Everything from the peaches, strawberries, pecans, and of course the milk are 100% South Carolina.

"For those who control their tongue will have a long life; a quick retort can ruin everything" 

- Proverbs 13:3