Our Story

A family tradition.

Hickory Hill is a fourth-generation family dairy farm nestled in historical Edgefield County, South Carolina. The Dorn family was established at its current location in 1764. Little did their ancestors know that would be the start of a rich tradition of family and farming. In the 1950s, long before anyone had heard of mega-farms or agri-corporations, Maysie (Dorn) and James Marvin started the dairy farm. It was then passed down to Jim and Marie Dorn who continued raising Holstein cows and producing milk. Jim was heavily involved in the dairy industry, serving on the S.C. Dairy Commission and the National Dairy Board. Today, their son, Watson, and his wife, Lisa, along with their children, Daniel and Courtney, work those same pastures.  

For years, it was a dream of Watson’s to one day bottle their own milk. In 2008, Watson and Lisa took the leap and together they bring you Hickory Hill Milk, an exciting new beginning for their family farm.