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I was never a milk drinker.

Growing up I remember Herndon Dairy delivering milk to our door. Back then I loved milk but when they closed their doors so did my cravings for milk. I was a cookie dipper or cereal eater (not a milk drinker) from that point on until the Dorn's started bottling their own milk. Hello "real milk"! Our family has been Hickory Hilll Milk-aholics ever since. Not to mention it has helped with my issues of digestion and I lost a few pounds to boot. My family of four go through three gallons of whole milk (at least) and one gallon of chocolate each week. 

J. Pearson from Trenton, SC

Quality product.

Hickory Hill Milk is the best tasting milk you will ever drink. Their milk that comes from well cared for cows, is the freshest and best tasting milk. Hickory Hill Milk is a family owned dairy that puts the health and welfare of their cows first and as a result, their products are top quality. 

Caren Bozzarello from Aiken, SC

Best buttermilk around!

I come 2 times a week to get white milk for the family and go old buttermilk for me. Lucky for me I'm only 12 miles from Hickory Hill Farms. 

Elaine Clary from Saluda, SC

Best tasting milk on the market!

If you absolutely, positively want the best tasting milk on the market, Hickory Hill is your only choice! We have visited the farm, we know where this milk comes from.

Doug Mixson Jr from Walterboro, SC

I can finally drink MILK!

Its been a long while since I could peacefully drink milk.  Before I was introduced to Hickory Hill Milk, I could not drink milk without having an upset stomach.  Finally, that is a thing of the past.  Best of all I can also have chocolate milk too!

Kevin .Y from Goose Creek, SC

It's asked for by name in my house

Whenever its time for us to get milk, our kids ask for it by name.  My eldest tells me every time "Mom, you'd better come back with Hickory Hill Milk and not the cheap stuff."  I'd say if they ask for it by name, it speaks for itself. 

Lauren Obery from Charleston, Sc

Always known about the dairy and once the milk went on the market that is all we buy . We have also recommended it to family and friends 

Lisa Bland

My son and husband absolutely love the milk.  So much so, we make a 2.5 hour drive to stock up for the month.  The farm is beautiful no matter the time of year.

Amandda Yeager from Goose Creek, SC

My family loves the chocolate milk. Best there is!

Carolynn Fisher

Amazing Yogurt!

I bought my first gallon of Hickory Hill whole milk to make yogurt. Before making the yogurt, I had a's delicious! It reminded me of the milk we would have from my grandfather's dairy farm. My family was in the dairy business for years so I've been privileged to have high quality dairy products. This milk definitely qualifies as high quality. By the way, my yogurt turned out great -- richer and creamier than anything I could ever buy. Thanks much and you now have a new customer!


from Aiken, SC

...Best ice cream I've ever had.

I experienced "The Clemson Best™ Ice-cream" on 4/14/2018 at the Clemson v/s Miami game. My taste buds was loving me on this day. I am an experienced ice cream eater, so I feel I am qualified to say that this the best ice cream I have eaten. I highly recommend this ice cream.

Martina Parnell

From Seneca, SC

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