Meet The Moo Crew

Don Usry


Don has been with Hickory Hill Dairy since 1989 and can honestly says he’s done it all from tending to the herd, maintenance, planting crops, building construction … you name it. As for now we use is talents in the farm equipment department and “Mr. Mom” as our primary calf barn care giver.

Hoover Martin


Hoover is another one of our veteran workers (since 1992). He is a legend in our neck of the woods for milking cows … can you say LEGENDairy? Hoover has been milking cows for over 50 years and lends his skills in our very own milk parlor for more than 26 years.

Benjamin Holmes


Benjamin has been the plant manager and our delivery truck driver since 2009. Since he is the face of Hickory Hill Milk while driving from town to town, place to place many refer to him as the Milk Man. 

Jamie Pearson


Jamie has been a part of the Moo Crew since 2009. She has grown to become our Marketing Director and AgriTourism Specialist. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art from the University of South Carolina and has over 20 years of graphic design and marketing know-how under her belt. Jamie is an asset to our crew and is always willing to incorporate new things to help educate our visitors … have you met Clarabelle? 

Reggie Padgett


Reggie is one of our original milk plant crew members. His nickname should be Sir Mix-A-Lot as he’s known as Hickory Hill’s chocolate milk master. Reggie takes immense pride in ensuring every batch of our famous chocolate milk is good to the last drop.

Joel Black


Joel is a member of our milk plant crew. He grew up on a dairy and enjoys sharing his expertise with our farming family. Joel sets the stage every morning to make sure the bottling process starts off on the right foot. He is also responsible for making our jugs shelf-worthy by guaranteeing each label is perfectly situated. Joel is also a former president of the South Carolina Jersey Association.

Jorge Esquivel


Jorge is a member of our milk plant crew. He plays a key role in our bottling operation; ensuring the process flows smoothly while keeping a keen eye on the filling system.

Angie Rita


Angie is a 1986 graduate of Presbyterian College with a degree in Psychology.  She is a retired state employee with over 30 years of experience in the Human Service field. Her last 23 years were spent working with youth and families at the SC Department of Juvenile Justice. Though she was devoted to her work there, she loves working and being at the farm. Angie is our "go getter" office assistant; keeping everything and everyone in check! 

Cody Clary


Cody is our newest and youngest employee. He's a local high school student who aspires to work in the cattle industry after college.

"It is possible to give freely and become more wealthy, but those who are stingy will lose everything "              - Proverbs 11:24